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When you look at different advertisements for roofer's, you sometimes see one roofer advertise as licensed, and another advertise as registered. What is the difference between the two? In Connecticut there is no such thing as a licensed roofer. The state of Connecticut requires that all companies and individuals that do business under the broad heading of home improvement contractor, register. The problem with this is that anyone can get a registration from the state. All you have to do is fill out an application and send them a check for $220.00. This is the annual fee all home improvement contractors pay. No one has to take a test or show any proof that they are knowledgable in the home improvement business. However, when a homeowner contracts with a registered roofer, they are guaranteed certain rights. If the job goes bad, the homeowner has access to funds that are made available from the monies collected by the state for the registration, (the $220.00 annual fee referred to above), to correct the job. If on the other hand a homeowner contracts with an unregistered roofer and the job goes bad, there is no where to turn for restitution. If you are in doubt as to whether the roofer you are contracting with is registered, ask to see the registration card.

For more information on registration and related matters, please contact the State of Connecticut Consumer Protection Department at (860) 713-6050.

However, in Massachusetts, contractors are required to obtain through testing, a Construction Supervisors License (CSL), as well as the Homeowners Registration card.  Both are required for every job performed in Massachusetts. For information on their licensing and registration programs, please contact the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at (617) 727-3200.

                                  CT Registration # 0503928   MA Registration # 165395   MA CSL # 103998

General Information

Some of the things that separate professional roofing contractor's from average roofer's, are things you usually don't think of, or even notice, until after the job is finished and the roofer is gone. For example, are there marks all over the house from removing the old shingles, are any shrubs broken, are all the nails picked up, are the gutters cleaned and properly re-hung, is the lawn raked to remove all small debris? These important things can make the difference between a job being well done, or just another problem you will have to deal with. We pride ourselves in doing such a good job on these things, that when we leave, the only indication of us having been on your property, is the fact that you have a new roof.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us and we would be happy to assist you.  PH: 860-749-0224